Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay, Murphy’s law kicks into high gear when you try to adopt a child in a hurry.

But we have seen so many prayers answered in such a short time.

Please keep praying with us.

We need: 
Tim’s blood test results to be done in record time.

All of the medical documents to be done correctly the first time.  (Not too worried, the office manager there has been VERY helpful.)

Our homestudy to be finished in a rush with everything properly “attached” (after our social worker gets back from vacation – sigh).

Everything that is out to be apostilled right now to be sent back to us in a hurry.

Our police clearances to be handled correctly and expeditiously.

Thank you all so much!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lost Sheep

In Luke, Chapter 15, Jesus tells a beautiful parable about the lost sheep.  How anyone would leave their entire flock to go and search out the single sheep that was lost.  How there would much rejoicing when you found it and returned to celebrate again with your friends and family.  Cathy and I are now going to find our lost sheep.  Actually, we know who and where he is, we are just working out how to get there and get him.

His name is Duncan, or at least that is what they web site calls him.  He is an eastern European 15-year old boy with cerebral palsy who needs a home, a family and most importantly to experience the love of Jesus Christ.  His current position is tenuous and the lions are close by.  He turns 16 in about 60 days at which point he may have to leave the orphanage and fend for himself in a country not known for its compassion for those with disabilities or be transferred to a mental hospital.  Neither choice holds much promise for him.

So, here we are.  Adoption had been something Cathy and I had loosely discussed over the last several years but never seriously.  Duncan has touched our hearts and we are doing everything possible to get him.  Here’s the best part, it appears to be completely impossible.  We started from absolute zero a short while ago and have very little time left to complete an international adoption.  For anyone remotely familiar with adoption, 7 to 12 months is a more realistic timeline and that is if everything goes smoothly.   So how are we going to get this done?

We’re not.  God is.  There is no way we can do this, but we have absolute faith that if Duncan is our lost sheep it will happen and God will be glorified for it. Won’t you join us to witness this miracle in the making?

What do we need?  Everything, but most importantly prayer.  As much of it as physically possible.   This whole situation needs to be bathed in some serious, knee bending, dedicated, gut wrenching prayer.  To be honest, this is going to elevate my prayer life to a whole new level.   Maybe it will have the same affect on you.

After that, just listen and follow God’s prompting.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

The "Why"

Okay, it’s after 5:00 on a Friday evening. I can’t make any phone calls, the post office is closed and my attorney’s office is only open until 4:00 anyway. So, now that I can catch my breath, let me go back and fill everyone in.

Yes we are adopting a teenaged boy! Crazy huh? (Well, we have one already and we think they are pretty neat, so another one suits us just fine.)

The thing is, this is no ordinary boy. He happens to have a really great smile and wonderful dark, eyes and Cerebral Palsy. That Cerebral Palsy part is what gets him.

Because he is an orphan with a physical difference he is facing imminent transfer to a mental institution. We are not talking about Pleasant Acres here either. I don’t think I have to paint you a picture of what that might mean for him.

We couldn’t do nothing about that.

God has blessed us. We enjoy a steady income. We enjoy a roomy home. We enjoy gardens, a barn and a great view. Our kids will never face the mental institution. They will probably go to college, marry and have adorable kids of their own.

God doesn’t set everybody up that way. In fact, most of the rest of the world would consider us not comfortable, not upper middle class, but EXTREMELY WEALTHY.

It is simply time for us to start seeing ourselves that way. And to stop doing nothing about it.

What does this have to do with the boy we know as “Duncan”? Glad you asked. We believe God has showered these riches on us specifically so that we could give this boy a shot. A shot at a continued education. A shot at a marriage and kids.

A shot at knowing and understanding who God is and how He loves.

So there you have it. Call us crazy.

We prefer the term “blessed”.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thank you

What a day I have had!

One very unhelpful clerk felt it necessary to tell me her adoption horror story.

Apparently no one in the entire state of NY has ever asked for a state police clearance document. Ever.

And by the time I left the bank today I think the truly patient, sweet notary/teller was doing all she could to keep from poking me in the eye. (Three tries to get everything right!)

Tim left for six days on a business trip this morning.

I had unexpected company at supper time.

And...(drum roll please)

... the dryer broke down.

So that is why I came over here. Not to vent. (But, thank you, it does help.) Not to complain. Not to bring you all down.

I came over here to thank all of you.

I came over here to read all of your comments again.

To remind myself that we are totally covered in, surrounded by, and propped up on your prayers.

I am so grateful for all the encouragement and the kind words. I can’t begin to say what a refuge you all are to me already.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well, here you are!

If you are here, then you have probably already been here. If not, go there now and then come back here. Got it?

Okay, so now you have been to Reece’s Rainbow.

And you have seen his adorable picture.

And you know what our next big adventure is.

We are excited and nervous and following God every step of the way.

Stay tuned!

(And get ready, I may be calling in some favors!)