Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 2

After our first day with Duncan, we were anxiously anticipating being with him without the entire posse in tow.  Honestly, all those people that were with us the first day want the absolute best for him, but it just seemed like too many voices.

Our second day with him was much more relaxing, just us, him and the interpreter.  We sat and talked for a while, taking turns asking questions and providing answers.  He seemed much more at ease and himself, a delightful and charming boy who has made the most of his situation.  My impression is that he is thoughtful and introspective, carefully and cautiously considering his options before making any decisions.  I can respect that.

At one point I offered him a Jelly Belly bean but was not paying attention to what flavor he took.  Unfortunately, he grabbed a coffee flavored one, which I now know he hates.  Whoops!  After that, he wouldn't take another from me despite our assurances that it was fruit flavored.  He probably thinks I tried to poison him.

We were treated to a tour of the grounds by Duncan who gets around amazingly well with no walker or wheelchair.  They have beautiful flower beds and a greenhouse where he gets to work. There is a soccer field, volleyball court, and all kinds of playground equipment.  Shade trees abound.

After a bit we settled on a bench and continued to talk.  He loves football (soccer) and rap music, he has never flown but has taken the train, likes Ukrainian food (which is very good), and is an advanced mathematics student.  

But I can sense the conflict within him.  He loves his country, his friends, his teachers, and his school and there is a possibility that things could work out for him if he stayed in his country. But that path is very uncertain and fraught with some very scary and real obstacles.  However, the path with us is equally as frightening and uncertain in his mind.  

Our interpreter pressed him a bit for his decision but he would not commit.  This is a huge step for him and I know it is taking a toll.  She gave him an ultimatum that he needs to let us know by tomorrow and not drag this out any further. 

I pray that God will give him peace about his decision and grant him a quiet night's rest.  We will know tomorrow.



    This is another boy who was very hesitant and is now happy as a clam. Maybe you can show him photos???

    1. Thanks Molly, we will share this with him if he is open to it. We really appreciate your willingness to try and help.

  2. Lots of prayers for yall and him. I'm a nervous wreck here waiting! Lol

  3. I am keeping you and Duncan in my prayers.

  4. We are continuing to pray for you all. Love you!! Stacy, Corbin, and Boys

  5. Don't know if you've seen this yet
    It is the most recent update from Andrew's family mentioning how he decided it was safe to be adopted despite the bad rumors he had heard. I pray that as with Andrew, God will impress on Duncan's heart that you are safe, you love him and will be good to him and have his best interest at heart - that he will know he can trust you and that you are NOT like the bad rumors he has heard about Americans or adoptive parents!